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Buy Croaker Fish

Buy croaker fish - Wholesale frozen yellow croaker fish per kg for sale to the best price.


Buy croaker fish - Wholesale frozen yellow croaker fish per kg for sale to the best price.

Our croaker fish: Micropogonia furnieri

This croaker is a subtropical species with a distribution from the southern coast of the USA (27°N) to the north coast of the San Matías Gulf (41°S). It is one of the most abundant demersal (bottom) species in the Common Ecosystem of Argentina and Uruguay (ECAU) in depths less than 50 m. It is a long-lived species, with a maximum reported age of 39 years. The size at first maturity is smaller in males (32 cm) than in females (35 cm), and the maximum size observed is 98 cm. Although it is a species that adapts to a wide range of salinity (euryhaline), its life cycle is associated with particular conditions of low salinity waters (dependent estuaries). In the ECAU, this croaker spawns pelagic eggs in estuarine and high turbidity areas related to the frontal system of the Río de la Plata, which is located between Punta Piedras (Argentina) and Montevideo (Uruguay). Juveniles (lengths < 34 cm and ages < 4 years) remain in shallow waters with a muddy bottom with low salinity, high turbidity and high abundance of prey, even entering estuaries (Ajó, Canal Culebra) and rivers (Samborombón, Quequén). that flow into the sea and into lagoons as well (Mar Chiquita). The high turbidity in such environments would give juveniles some protection from predation, as well as abundant sources of food. The habitat of individuals changes from estuarine waters to coastal marine waters. Adults in particular, carry out reproductive migrations towards estuarine spawning areas. Adolescents [sizes between ~23 cm (the smallest adult) and ~43 cm (the largest juvenile)] prefer intermediate environmental conditions. Adults, the ones that appear most frequently in sport fishing catches along the coast, are associated with waters with higher salinity and less turbidity with sandy or rocky bottoms.

Buy Croaker Fish


Yellow Croaker

Whole round or Whole Gutted Scaled, in frozen blocks or IQF of 10 to 20 kilos.


Whole round: 100/300 gr, 300/500 gr,500/1000 gr or 1000/up gr.

Whole Gutted Scaled: 400/800 gr or 800/1200 gr

yellow corvina

Fishing Type: Bottom Trawl
Catch Season: Apr | May | June | July | Aug | Set

Yellow Croaker / Yellow Corvina

Yellow croaker in bulk and wholesale price. Wild fish free of chemicals and additives, caught in a natural environment. 

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